10 Reasons to Explore a Gap Year

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When spent well, the year between high school and college offers an incredible opportunity to pause, reflect, and build a vision for what’s next. Those confident enough to embrace the adventure and take advantage of this unique time of life will walk into college with a purpose.

As Seth Chun ’16 shares in the eBook, “The vocational discernment process was formative, challenging, and above all: life-giving. The Vanguard experience helped me to better understand God’s call on my life, which led me to pursue a major in Secondary Education at Wheaton College.”

If you know a student who could benefit from vocational discernment, outdoor adventure, and Christ-centered community, download the eBook and share it with them today!

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I grew up a lot during Vanguard. I grew into a faith and a way of being in relationships with people that has entirely changed who I am. 
Katherine Lehn,  '17

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